Jason Knife Pin

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Picture this: you’re away at summer camp. The sun is shining, Crystal Lake looks so inviting. You walk towards it and see there’s something at the bottom of it! You can see it glistening in the sun. You can’t swim though, is it worth the risk? Worst case scenario the camp counselors will come to your rescue, right? You dive in. You’re swimming to the best of your ability, you’re getting so close! You reach out as far as your arms can stretch and you grab it! You’re beginning to have a hard time staying afloat. Quickly, you turn it over in your hand and catch a glimpse- a grand metallic pin with a hockey-masked man on it. You recognize it, just before losing consciousness..it’s the Jason knife pin from the Rattlehead Crafts Slasher Collection! What a wonderful pin to die for.

This bad boy is:

  • Hard enamel (oooh, shiny!)
  • 2.5" long (that’s one big boy!)
  • Has two backings to hold him in place!