About RHC

My name is Mariana and I'm the 24-year-old creator of Rattlehead Crafts. Before all else, thank you for your support! Rattlehead Crafts is one of the best things that has ever happened to me, and you all made it happen, so thank you!
Some fast facts about me:
  • I grew up in Los Angeles, CA but was born in Mexico City!
  • I'm currently in college pursuing a degree in Illustration
  • Beetlejuice is my favorite movie (but can anyone really choose just ONE favorite?!)
  • I love creating and crafting and have taken just about every type of art class (drawing, painting, printmaking, woodworking, ceramics, sculpture, digital design and more! Woodworking is my current favorite)
When I graduated high school, I took a gap year to save some money before heading to college. My day job was in retail and though it paid the bills, my creative nature was itching for more. I knew how to draw and paint already, so I bought myself a sewing machine and taught myself to sew. It became a sort of obsession, I was making bags faster than I knew what to do with...so I opened an Etsy shop.
I was making bags and other hand-sewn goods for a while and kinda stumbled into the pin world by accident. In 2017 I was commissioned by a friend to paint Pennywise on the sheath of his cooking knife, so I did. Upon completing it, I realized it would make a really cool pin. I had already made two pins prior to this, but they were based on original artworks- I had never made any movie-themed pins before. I decided to start production on the knife pin (this one) and it was a crazy success!! I sold out of it immediately. I realized the horror pin game was in a league of its own...so I chased it! Three years later, here we are. We've participated in great pin shows like Salem's Market, Spooky Expo and Terror Market, and our merchandise also retails at stores like Amoeba Hollywood and Die With Your Boots On in Salem. It has been a wild, wild ride and I've met so many of my favorite people through it- both vendors and customers alike! I hold RHC and all of you very near and dear to my heart, so genuinely, I thank you all so much!
-Mariana, RHC