About Us

Rattlehead Crafts was founded in 2013 by Mariana Chavez while she was a high school senior. 
At the time, the shop was more of a hobby, only listing items every few weeks. These items were usually handmade bags, necklaces, and denim vests with patches.
In December of 2016, Rattlehead Crafts launched its first pin set, paving the way for all new designs that are now in the shop! Mariana's influences for most designs stem from horror films and cult classics, as well as anything Halloween, metal and punk.
Most items made by Rattlehead Crafts pay homage to our favorite movies such as A Clockwork Orange, Pan's Labyrinth and IT. Other designs are based on original artwork. 
Whatever drew you here, we're glad it did! Thanks for visiting and supporting the shop!