We recently got a chance to ask  Creepy Sweets a few questions; they're a bake shop from Corona, CA specializing in baked goods with a horror twist! 
Rattlehead Crafts: When did you start Creepy Sweets?
Creepy Sweets: Creepy Sweets was born around Valentine's Day 2018, the name was thought up by my witty husband! I've always loved baking but would only get the chance to do so for family events. I wanted to bake just to practice as a hobby, and donate to charity and friends. Soon after I initiated this, I was contacted for custom orders and that they'd pay me for treats! 
RHC: Whats's your main goal when you're creating pastries for Creepy Sweets?
CS: My main goal is to design and create treats that my customer will be happy with and will love/appreciate the artwork. At the same time, satisfy their sweet toothed monster!  My inspiration comes from all things Halloween, creepy, weird, and odd. But at the same time, my Lucifer cupcake was inspired by my big, red truck 😆
RHC: Where can people find you, and how can they place an order?
CS: I'm located in Corona, however I dont have a storefront, I bake in the comfort of my home 😌 I am able to deliver any treats by car or ship cookies through USPS within the United States.  To place an order, please visit my website and fill out the order form on my Contact Us page, and I will respond immediately. 

RHC: What's your favorite horror film?
CS: This is a tough question! I love all classic horror movies but my top have to be Creature from the Black Lagoon, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Evil Dead 2.
RHC: Are there any fun facts you'd like our readers to know?
CS: I have pet snakes and lizards that I love very much, like if they're my children. I love teaching people that reptiles are harmless animals and are hugely misunderstood by society. My little terrier dog is more terrifying than my ball python snake! 😆🐍
RHC: Lastly, where can people find you online?
(The Instagram hashtag #creepysweets is not my work, so please use the underscores)😁🖤

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